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Posted by mintyogurt on January 05 2010 02:30 AM

Not sure this is the best place for this post, but...
Has this been linked/posted already?

From the FB group: Parked Diagonally in a Parallel Universe

(Janet Taylor)
I am researching a documentary at Firefly Productions. The film we are currently producing is for Channel 4s Flagship documentary series, Cutting Edge. It is about people with specific learning difficulties and their aspirations to learn to drive.

We want to be rooting for our contributors to pass their test and be ...with them through the ups and downs of learning to drive. For this reason we want to cast the net wide initially and speak to a number of people who are thinking of learning to drive in order to find people who we know the audience will empathise with be it because of their motivation, or determination.

Do give me a call on 020 7 033 2290 Email

If you have any queries and many thanks for your help.
Best wishes

Ruth Nicklin Assistant Producer
August 19, 2008 at 10:29am

Posted by justfoundout on January 05 2010 02:45 AM

Dear Mintiyogurt,
As I recall, you are in the UK? And, when I did a Google search, this production is also in the UK, right? Since only the phone number gives an indication of this in what you've posted, I just thought that I'd add this note for members who are in other countries. I would guess that any respondents should be limited to residents of the UK? As, that would make for a really hilarious show, if they were to 'import' dyscalculics with driving difficulties to the UK. LOL. sorry. LOL. Especially dyscalculics from 'drive on the right' countries. :-) jus'

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Posted by scrapheapchallenge on January 05 2010 11:16 AM

well that's me out as I can already drive lol.