Thread subject: The Dyscalculia Forum :: anxiety attack and panic attacks

Posted by justfoundout on April 13 2012 06:15 PM

Hi Amyford,
I'm so glad for you that you saw that 'small report on the news' about dyscalculia. A job hunter called the office where I was working three years ago. One thing led to another, and that's when I found out about dyscalculia. It was such a relief even to hear about it. And actually getting tested and having the diagnosis was even better.

I live in North Texas, so I can help a lot with information for my part of the country. But this is an international forum, so if you could tell us what country or what State you are in, then we can help more. My testing was paid for by a State agency for vocational rehabilitation. Some forum members have been tested through their University. And others have gone to a University where grad students need 'subjects' to give the test to, getting a big reduction in price this way.

At one time, I'd had hopes that by 'starting at the bottom' again I'd be able to work my way up and understand algebra. It just didn't work that way for me though. I have low abstract reasoning and memory problems. A few dyscalculics here have been able to learn math. (Cheshirekat, for example.) For me though, I don't enjoy the math learning process and I don't retain what I learn, so I'm just very grateful to finally have an explanation for 'why' I've never been a success with math. - jus'