Thread subject: The Dyscalculia Forum :: anxiety attack and panic attacks

Posted by RottieWoman on October 25 2011 01:18 PM

I remember what seemed like an eternity of time my folks sitting at a table with me when I was a young student, around 7,8, 11 years old time age range - trying in vain to help me with math. My dad has always done well with it, my mom is more like me with the many math LD-related potential signs but also does better with many of the basic things whereas I have trouble with them. So my folks would be sitting there trying to help me and not realizing why or where I was having such difficulty and I would be getting so bored and anxious and didn't get what they were trying to show me and then they'd start fighting with each other.
A few times my dad just gave it up and did the problems for me-