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Dyscalculia as an Undergraduate Engineer
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Posted on May 08 2012 09:31 PM

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Hello Everyone,
I was recently diagnosed as having dyscalculia after being tested for dyslexia. I have always had trouble with numbers, it too me forever to learn my times tables and maths was always a struggle at school. The strange thing is, I have actually ended up studying Aerospace Engineering as my undergraduate degree.
The problem I am now facing is that I can grasp the engineering concepts easy enough, but when it comes to the actual formulae and maths that goes with it, I am having real problems. The university does not seem to have any real support stucture for dyscalculia, there was mention of getting a tutor when I first applied but upon returning for my second year I was packed of to the general maths centre.
Do you know any study methods or ways of coping with this because at the moment I do not actually know another person that has been assessed with it.
Many Thanks
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Posted on May 09 2012 12:18 AM

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You are unique among dyscalculics. Packed off to the general maths center, eh? They seem to have decided that really helping you would be a little more trouble and effort than they are willing to shoulder. How far have you gone in your math courses? I wasn't able to pass Elementary Algebra due to not being able to remember the formulas. And to tell the truth, even sometimes when I did remember a formula, I still couldn't remember in what situation I was supposed to use it.

You seem to be in either the UK or else Australia? You use the term 'maths'. I found this stie, just using Google. I don't know whether it's free or would cost you money, but I'll paste the link here, because at least they seem to know what they are talking about.


It should be obvious that I can't help you with the math, but I'd still like to help you find help. ;) - jus'
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Posted on May 09 2012 09:40 PM

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I had a very similar experience, I struggled with maths but I loved science and ended doing Chemical Engineering at university. I was tested in my second year for dyslexia and then was diagnosed as having dyscalculia. The university wasnít able to give much support because they hadnít any experience of it. Iím not sure how severe my dyscalculia is because I donít know any other engineers with it but a major issue I have is with my speed of writing in exams but I was able to get extra time after I got tested. I seem to have a very visual memory so I can remember an equation if I can visualise the physical processes that go with it. When I was at university I had equations organised on my wall for different topics and I was able to recall them as a memory rather than purely memorise the equation. I find working and revising as a small group good as you wonít get stressed on one part if you get stuck and by talking about topics you find hard, youíll get solutions that you wouldnít normally see

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Posted on May 09 2012 10:29 PM

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I really like the way that you worded that, pete,... the part about "I seem to have a very visual memory so I can remember an equation if I can visualise the physical processes that go with it". I've never thought of this as having a 'visual memory', but I know that I need to feel as though I am corporally and viserally 'part of the process' before I can 'remember' the process. I need to feel as though I'm 'moving through' the process, and that it is progressing logically, in order not to loose the thread of thought associated with it.

Welcome to the forum. - jus'
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