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Finally an explanation
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Posted on October 20 2011 10:59 PM

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Hi, I'm new here. Yesterday I was told by a friend to research dyscalculia. My youngest of 5, a 9 yr old daughter has continually struggled with math concepts and memorization. I have been browsing posts and am astounded to hear person after person explain exactly what my daughter deals with. She has an incredibly difficult time memorizing and when I think she finally has something memorized I find out a few days, or weeks later that she has forgot it again. She can sort-of tell time on an analog clock but has absolutely no concept of what time it will be in 45 minutes or was half an hour ago. She doesn't get the idea of estimating--at all. She has no concept of counting change. When she does problems (be it addition, subtraction, multiplication or division) it often takes 15 minutes or more for her to do one problem. She is very easily distracted. So I can't have anyone near her when she is doing her work. She can't get the idea of pitch in music or beat or rythym. We are an incredibly musical family and she is adopted. She definitely notices that music doesn't come as naturally to her as it does the rest of us. She hates dancing because she can't follow the pattern and beat and she says she feels stupid. She has no concept of what is the right measurement, weight, etc, ie: if I ask her what unit of measurement she would use to measure the room we are in she is as likely to answer inches or centimeters as miles. Her teachers are putting so much pressure on her to work harder and figure it out. But my poor little girl works harder than anyone I know. She has a great attitude and really wants to figure math out. Two days ago we worked on the same math lesson we had worked on for 4 days running. I really felt that she was finally getting it, but then she took the quiz and got a 33% on it. She looked at me and tears welling up and said "mommy, I was sure I was going to pass this time." I am so tired of seeing my little girl so sad and frustrated. She thinks she's not smart because of this, but in the standardized testing she showed at a 12th grade reading level. She read all of the Harry Potter series in 1 month. She's very smart and I keep telling her that. I have repeatedly asked her school to test her and they keep telling me they want me to just work harder with her. I am so happy to find this forum and group of people who know what I and my daughter are going through. If you have any initial suggestions for where I should go now, I would really appreciate it.Smile
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Posted on October 21 2011 03:16 AM
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Go to an educational psychologist. The only way to be officially diagnosed is to go through an educational diagnosis. With an official learning disability diagnosis, your daughter will be entitled to accommodations and the school will have to oblige. If you give your approximate location (if you live in the US, your state should be enough), someone may know of a good person to test your daughter in your area. Good luck!
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Posted on October 21 2011 12:48 PM

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That.... <above>

welcome mcdonaldjsGrin

if u tell us your area, maybe one of us could point in the direction-
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Posted on October 21 2011 02:48 PM

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Hi there,

Your DD sounds twice exceptional (2e), meaning gifted and LD. This is a tough group to be in because ignorant teachers don't want to believe that such a bright child can be LD and require accommodations. I fight the accommodations battle every school year.

When DS required testing, we were told that the paperwork would take months for testing. He was 7 at the time, so we opted to hire a PhD Neuro-psychologist, which took 6 weeks, as opposed to 6 months, for testing. He was administered several tests including a WISC-IV and the Woodcock Johnson. Without both tests, DS would have never been diagnosed.

These events transpired 5 years ago, and I understand that due to multiple lawsuits, the local public school acts more quickly these days. Speaking with those people, I never felt at any time that they were serving my son's interests.

If the school system won't test her, get the testing done. A delay in testing means a delay in remediation and accommodation.

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Posted on October 22 2011 04:49 AM
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Posted on October 22 2011 07:21 AM
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Hi Mcdonaldjs,
The school will quite likely ignore a private evaluation?
What you need to do, is to make a written request for an evaluation, which you need to date and keep a copy of.
When a parent makes a formal request for an evaluation, they are legally required to have one done. Which having arranged the test, they are forced to comply with conclusions and develop an IEP.
If you are not happy with their evaluation, you can then make a formal request for an IEE independent educational evaluation.
I'll add a link to WrightsLaw, which has a lot helpful information about what rights you have:
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Posted on October 22 2011 02:46 PM

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Thanks for the welcome and information. We are in Utah. I currently have my daughter enrolled in an online charter school using the K-12 curriculum. I have considered pulling her and homeschooling her, which I do with my two older children. But, I also feel that maybe, even though the school is being, to be frank, obnoxious about her math, that I would be wise to keep her enrolled if they will do the testing on her. I will use the information you have provided and submit a written request for formal testing. We'll see where I get with that. For now, I've told her teacher that I'm not going to traumatize my daughter anymore by forcing her to do math work that she isn't ready to do. I also reminded her teacher that my daughter is highly gifted and far ahead in other areas, so she should back off.
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Posted on October 22 2011 08:21 PM

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hey mcdonaldjs, what about this?
Learning Disabilities Assoc. Utah

and this: http://www.disabi.../UTAH.html
<statewide cross-dis. listing>

this: http://www.utahfa...ources.php
<parent/family resources cross-disability but LD included>
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Posted on October 22 2011 08:48 PM

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I have an adopted daughter also. I used to get angry, because she could not tell time or count change. Slowly I learned that she has what I have, but it is more profound. I was able to learn how to multiply double/triple digits and can learn very simple equations. On the other hand she is unable to subtract multiple digits. She doesn't know how to line up the numbers. I showed her how to use a ruler to line them up and she thought that was neat. My daughter is 10years old. She comes with a host of psychological issues alone with learning disabilities. My daughter has ADD. At first I thought her issue was the ADD, but then when I sat down with her last week I realized that this was different. I realized that she has a math disability too. I see her crying..just like I did. The difference is unlike my mother, I help her through this. It's crazy that I wound up with a daughter that has this issue. I found a letter in her purse that said "I am ...Dumb, Stoopid. That is how she spells stupid. She reads on a 2nd grade level. My daughter has an IEP, however i don't feel they are accommodating her enough. I know what it feels like to not know you can't grasp basic math concepts. I know what it feels like to constantly play back in your mind that you are nothing. I still do it today! It's our job to protect our babies. They were put into the system because their original parents failed them. If I died today at least I know I did everything that I did to make sure my babies were accommodated.
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