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Wants to be a Nurse but may be Dyscalculic.
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Posted on January 22 2011 03:07 AM

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Hi, I am new to this site and I think I might have dyscalculia although I have not been diagnosed yet. I am 20 y/o and have struggled with math since I can remember which isn't saying much since I don't remember much of anything and I also have trouble with analog time and directions as well. I am am taking my core classes so I can hopefully be accepted into the Nursing program. First of all, does anyone know where I can go to be tested for that? Are there any Nurses that have dyscalculia? I really want to be a nurse but I'm afraid this will prevent me from accomplishing that. One of the requirements is to take a college algebra class but I have to take the "dummy math" before I can enroll. I would appreciate any information.
Thanks! Smile
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Posted on January 22 2011 03:40 AM
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Hey! I'm also a college student (working on becoming a teacher, another "fun" thing for someone with a learning disability-or even suspected learning disability to get into). Where do you live? I ask this because that information will be helpful in members directing you to services that you may qualify for.

I will say this: start talking to you school's Disability Services office. They can tell you if they school offers testing of if you have to get it on your own. If they offer it, you are very fortunate. If they do not offer it (mine does not), then you will have to try to find a way to secure testing through other means, which is why telling us where you are from will help. We have people from all over the world, so chances are, there will be someone who can help you.

By they way, you might get more "hits" if you post under the "New User" thread.

Good luck!
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I'm NOT lost, I'm just taking the scenic rout!
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Posted on January 22 2011 09:22 PM

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Hi! I live in Georgia. Thanks for the information and the tip! I'm still trying to navigate my way through the site and I'm embarrassed to admit that it wasn't until after I posted this that I realized I posted under General/FAQS. I know I should be tech savy but I never posted on a forum before. Anyway thanks again and good luck with your teaching degree!

Btw, I love your quote! lol
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Posted on January 22 2011 09:59 PM

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hi again, dyscal. - I'm not tech-savvy myself, but just wanted to welcome you again. I'm on couple of forums now but previously was not involved with any.
I attempted the remedial math class several times in college, which was where I was placed due to ACT/previous math scores - and failed it so eventually got myself to Disabled Student Services and asked to get tested.
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Posted on January 24 2011 11:02 PM

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Hi Rottiewoman,
The same thing happened to me. I have failed the remedial math 3 times and finally by some miracle passed last semester and now I am currently taking the next part of the remedial math before I can progress to college algebra. Yuck..
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Posted on January 31 2012 02:21 AM

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I'm new to the forum...glad to find it. Like most of us, struggled with so many years of poor math grades despite hundreds of hours of extra study, tutors, extra credit, begging math teachers to give me a break, etc. College calculus just about did me in. Managed to pass, barely. All other subjects, top of class, didn't even bother to pick up the biology or lit books and flew through. Now am physician (yes, it does get easier! Most of my colleagues won't admit it, but they hate math too!). So dyscalstudent, hang in there. Your undergrad math classes are far more difficult than medical or nursing school math, and at the upper levels you can actually relate it to a practical use, which helps us process it better. Unfortunately, both of my kids have this also, despite trying to be proactive and get early math help for them. They are amazing never-give-up, furiously over-organized people who have their own strategies. We considered getting a special ed designation, but they both absolutely refused. My daughter, who logs in over 20 hours a week in math homework just to keep up in her AP calculus class, was invited for a Harvard interview last week and is interviewing at Princeton tomorrow. The pattern appears to be genetic (perhaps X-linked or dominant?) even in those of us without Turner's syndrome. It would be nice if the world would give us a break, make special concessions, etc., but in the long run, for now anyway, we have to do the educating of the "mathy types" out there. And this condition is very hard to describe to someone who has never dealt with it, especially math teachers (they probably have lovely parietal lobes...) Together, we can make a difference, so hang in there, and I think you'll make a fabulous nurse.
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Posted on January 31 2012 01:05 PM

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hey dyscalstudent,

I know how difficult it is, best wishes for youSmile
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Posted on January 31 2012 11:28 PM

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Hi dyscalstudent and sylphyn. Nice to meet both of you. As for where this Thread is posted, yes, it's kind of comical for us to all have met under the FAQ/Help heading. I think that our Admin 'eoffg' has the amazing power to pick up whole Thread and move it to another location. So, it might be that when you come back, you'll find this whole Thread under Introductions. Just letting you know about this possibility.

I was amused at your comment about math teacher probably having lovel parietal lobes, sylphyn. I agree. This reminds me of a Made for TV film I once saw. Maybe with Google I'll be able to find it again and post the link here. The film was called (I think) 'Don't Condemn Christine'. It was about a girl who'd been imprisioned for a minor crime, and was then put on 'medications'. The meds made her memory bad and also caused her to put on weight. Then a female jailor criticised her for her weight. Christine tried to explain that the meds made her sleepy and not inclined to exercise. The jailor then ran down a long list of petty offenses that Christine had committed. Christine said back to the jailor, "You've probably got a better memory about that than I do, being as they don't give you as many meds as they give me."

Even though that film was talking about the meds that were forced on the character 'Christine', and even though I didn't know about dyscalculia at the time that I watched the movie, something about it reminded me of myself, because when people ask me questions about 'when' something happened, or 'how many times' something happened, I have trouble giving accurate answers. - jus'
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